About S-W-C

My name is Stephanie Watkins-Cruz, folks call me SWC

( Es – Dub – Cee)


Hi I’m Stephanie! For the purpose of the clever name of  my blog, I’m SWC.

I’m a 22 year old graduate student that loves to write and ramble via run on sentences and this blog. I’m currently a MPA-MCRP Candidate 2018 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I am an only child. Spoiled with more love than material things and grateful for it.

I’m mixed. My dad is Black & Creek Indian and my mother is from Colombia (not Columbia) South America (not South Carolina). I’m very proud to be the product of an interracial love story. I’m very proud to be a woman of color. I’m very proud to have such intertwined cultural roots, and I’m still figuring out more about all of that each and everyday.

I love God. And I’m still learning about who he is and what I believe. I am not ashamed of it. I’m not ignorant, but I don’t know everything. I love having conversations, learning new things, and learning to appreciate the views and differences of others.

I started this blog almost 3 years ago because I wanted a way to write about life and my experiences and the issues I know a lot of folk deal with on a day-to-day basis in a really human, down to earth, and creative kind of way. I love to write. I love to ramble. And I love to share life experiences with other people both near and far. This blog has developed and changed over the years along with myself.

I created this blog to inspire. To motivate. To challenge. To inform and educate. To check privilege (both my own and assist in checking those of others), and to learn and grow.

Although I seriously enjoy it, blogging not my full-time job. I’m extremely honored and grateful to be a part of some pretty wonderful organizations and communities:

Campus Chapter Mentor for She’s the First

Youth Impact Network & Member of the Board of Directors for America’s Promise Alliance

A proud alumna of the University of North Carolina at Asheville

An MPA candidate for the Class of 2018 at the School of Government at UNC Chapel Hill

An MCRP candidate for the Class of 2018 at UNC Chapel Hill’s Department of City and Regional Planning

For anyone who wants to check me out a briefer, more pictures – less wordy, version of the happenings in my life, check me out:

Retweeting about everything, housing, education, social justice issues, the accomplishments of my alma mater, Steph Curry’s amazingness , all on Twitter

Cheesin’ in 99.9% of my photos because no other expression looks good on me on Instagram

Consistently trying to take all the advice I find on Pinterest

If you want to reach me, send me an email at swcchroniclesblog@gmail.com !

I hope you enjoy the continued journey as much I am,

Much love,



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