When disappointed in the present, look to the future

I’ve always been a dreamer. Not because dreaming has necessarily been my main form of entertainment, but because day dreaming, and dreaming in general has been an escape for me for as long as I can remember.

When I was little I used to have an imaginary dance partner, his name was John and he could lift me in the air. I dreamed this partially because I was an only child in love with dance, but also because I wasn’t that great at it at first so I dreamed up a situation in which I was awesome, and even had awesome dance friends to join me.

Enough about 3-year old me, let’s fast forward…

Right now, some of the buzz words that come to mind to describe my present are along the lines of hectic, pained, and challenging.

I don’t like complaining about how hard life is, I don’t like complaining about how sad or angry or irritated I may be at something, but when it gets to this point, the point it is now, I tend to dream. And the older I’ve become since the imaginary-dance partner days, my dreams have turned into plans, passionate plans that aim to help me cope with the present no matter how wonderful or painful it may be.

The past week has been both awful and wonderful at the same time. From a hit to the heart out of nowhere, a verdict that has shaken me, my friends, a community, and I argue the country to it’s core about some of the dark issues it still has to battle with today, to an amazing 4 days with family that was much needed, and back to an environment that is stressful again, it has been one of the most perfect times to dream, and by dream I mean plan, because I refuse to let my present keep me down and ruin everything.

Thus the concept of:

-When disappointed in the present, look and plan for the future-


The fundamental word here isn’t really dream. It’s hope. In the darkest depths of your present. You have to find the tiniest light. Find it, grab it, care for it, grow it, and let yourself hope.

I think the world would be an awfully darker place without hope. Not having hope is an indication of giving up I think…and I believe there’s that part of everyone that hates giving up.

And I’m not saying that by planning out your future it will in any way shape or form make the present better, or will it secure a particular order of things for your life, but it could be your light. Hoping and dreaming have been two of the things that have gotten through some moments I had no idea if what I was dreaming-hoping and planning for was even realistic and accurate, but so what. I did it anyways.


The ultimate goal here is to remind you if you feel lost. If you feel insecure. Unloved. Unimportant. Tired. Drained. Stressed out. Any negative thing. Or have anything making your present not so bright? Dream anyways. Hope anyways, and plan. Go to bed with that mind that’s probably racing 500000000 miles per hour, and wake up as refreshed as you can with a purpose.

I do not intend to make this post seem like I have this down to a science, OR that I have my own mess together, because I don’t. And trust me, it is and feels like a true true mess… And if your present is as challenging as mine is right now, you’ll understand that even in this awfulness right now, it’s better to live-love-forgive-forget-try and hope for better, plan for better… it’ll be another piece of your artillery to get you through this long fight of life.

Much love,



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