To the girl who doesn’t take time to look in the mirror

I try not to make my posts specifically for males or females, in hopes of appealing to as many people as possible but after this weekend…I feel moved to write this for my ladies out there.

This weekend , I was told I was beautiful more times than I’ve actually felt it in the past few months.

And I smiled and blushed as best I could to mask the weirdness I felt from being called beautiful.

Every night this past weekend this rolled around in my head… and I asked myself over and over again why was this so hard for me to accept? And why were these words so unfamiliar or alien sounding to my heart ?

I don’t take time to truly look in the mirror… I actually kinda avoid it

When I look in the mirror I’ve chose more times than I care to admit , the flawed path of perception instead of the positive path of perception. And it’s been chipping away at me constantly. It’s so normal to me I didn’t realize that the chipping away was still happening. It was happening even on a good day. Even during a great weekend.

I don’t intend for this post to be a stereotypical, you need to have higher self esteem type of post. Rather I want it to be an alarm of sorts that makes you stop, and even if it’s the first time in a while or just the first time today… Look in the mirror and take the positive path.

It’s important to do this because there is a million other things fluttering about you that can be negative or are there to get you down… And it occurs to me that your own mind and heart’s perception of yourself should not be one of those things.

You shouldn’t be against yourself.

To the girl who doesn’t take time to look in the mirror, I know. I understand. I’m struggling as I type. But take a moment today and recognize the beauty. Don’t wait for someone else, no matter how great they are, to tell you and then have a mini crisis in your head because you can’t even see your own beauty.

To the girl who doesn’t take time to look in the mirror. These magazines don’t know you. These fashion trends and flashy pop culture ads that tell you to look a certain way don’t know you. They don’t know that mini skirts are an issue for you because you’re too tall,
Or that high waisted shorts are redundant because your torso is as short as you are and you have curves.

To the girl who doesn’t take time to look in the mirror. If you wear your emotions on your sleeve don’t be ashamed of them. They’re a part of you, and as my favorite Pinterest quote says:


To the girl who doesn’t take time to look in the mirror, stop for a second and just take an inventory of how you feel. Try and figure out if that negativity is still chipping away at you… Don’t let it get to the point where there’s nothing left to chip away at.

This weekend I felt beautiful every day for the first time in a while… But even I know I can’t rely on the words of another to keep this feeling alive.

So join your own team, be on your own side… try and take the time to truly look in the mirror.

Much Love,



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