Shoutout to change, shoutout to making moves : Ode to Shades of Color

Today is a very very very special day.

For those that do not know me personally as in, don’t go to my university and are reading this blog, I feel compelled to tell you a little bit about something I’m extremely proud to be involved in.

Today the first edition of UNC Asheville’s only and FIRST multi-culturally based news publication was dropped. This is a huge deal. The university I attend is a PWI, which stands for Primarily White Institution. There are 7 culturally “based” organizations, and recently Shades of Color became the 8th. Having a paper where both students of color and non students of color can come together and write and discuss about issues on our campus community, local community, society at large, and amongst ourselves, is a big deal. This forum is only the beginning of a bridging of our campus community. It will allow for richer conversation concerning matters of diversity, stronger interpersonal relationships, and new opportunities of expression.

And I want to give the staff and the execs a special shoutout because this is a testament to what ideas from a very passionate person ( Maya Newlin) and inspiration from someone with experience (Amanda McKnight) and the support and passion of many others (myself and every person involved in Shades) can do to build something like this that is so desperately needed on this campus.

Please, if you read this blog, check out Shades of Color , a lot was put into this, and it is a part of a very important movement for change and improvement. Support the moves, and read something new today!

You can find my first article, called “Underrepresented Unity” by clicking here.

Much Love,



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