Identity Project: Part 4: The Styles & Journey back to Curls

It’s been a while! Forgive me. This series however is sadly almost over. This post is more so to show all the styles I tried when I had my braids. That’s right. HAD. The braids are out. I’ll show you all this journey and then my last post of this journey will sum up what i’ve learned, and what I hope to explore a bit further.


Photo on 5-26-14 at 11.34 PM

This was what I wore my hair like for the first few days after getting my hair braided. It was simple, and didn’t require big hair bows or hair bands.


Photo on 6-4-14 at 6.10 PM

This was a style I found on twitter….I was trying to make it work, i don’t really know how it came out.


Photo on 6-4-14 at 6.15 PM #2

This was probably one of my favorite styles to try. Although getting my hair up in a ponytail would take FOREVER. It was fun to accomplish it in the end.


Photo on 6-4-14 at 6.29 PM

This was also maybe one of my favorite styles just because it was the easiest. Braid to the side, half up half down. And it would keep the hair out of my face as well. (Pardon the frizz, this picture was taken towards the end of my braid journey.)

Photo on 6-4-14 at 6.32 PM #2


This I have no idea. Another attempt at the pinterest styles.


I began to undo my hair about two weeks ago. They were getting awfully frizzy and I just didn’t feel good in them anymore. And so that weekend when I surprised my mom by going home. I asked her to help me take them out, which as someone who didn’t really like my braids she was more than happy to do.


Photo on 6-6-14 at 9.20 PM


It took about 4ish-5ish hours or so.

Photo on 6-6-14 at 9.20 PM #2

A lot of patience….until finally….

Photo on 6-6-14 at 9.57 PM

A bag full of weave was all that was left…and my hair was looking like this once it was all out.

Photo on 6-6-14 at 9.56 PM

And the next morning after using the conditioner and shampoo I’d bought to help my hair start the repairing process.

What I found:

Taking the hair out is much harder than I thought it would be.

My hair can actually dread.

I missed my hair a lot.

My curls were a bit traumatized, and it is going to take some time to get them back up to speed.

My hair has never been so soft in my entire life.

My hair was thicker but shorter. How? I have no idea.

My hair is sensitive, and it’s important especially now that the braids are gone, that I actually invest in products that keep my hair healthy.

Bye-Bye Braids, WELCOME BACK Curls!!!

Photo on 6-7-14 at 12.23 PM #2


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