Identity Project Part 1B: Let the Braiding begin!

With the only thing left to do being getting my hair actually braided, the date was set for April 19th, 2014 and the goal start time would be 9am-10am in the morning.

Okay so first let me begin with apologizing, this was supposed to be done last Friday, however…it  did not get done. I will try and get better at scheduling and following through with these.

On the morning of April 19th, I woke up late. I knew I would, because I’d stayed up too late one, and two because it was prime school season, which results it getting harder and harder for me to actually react to my alarm clock. It’s a serious thing, I’m considering even getting it checked out, because I have yet to encounter someone who has as many alarms as I do and that’s concerning.

I rushed and texted Jayana, who wasn’t too upset with me (she like most college students and myself love to sleep in) and then proceeded to get my stuff ready (hair, books I tried to think I was gonna read)  and went down to buy us some coffee for it was going to be a lonnnnggg day.

When I finally arrived around 11, Jay wasted no time and got started. See in my optimistic mind, this didn’t mean anything, it would work, it wouldn’t take as long as everyone was saying it would, (someone even said 16 hours–thank God it didn’t take that long) but as I began realizing what she had to do to braid my hair I admit I began to feel nervous, and understood how complicated this entire process really was.

This is the last picture I’d taken before getting braids:

2014-04-18 23.10.41

I tried to untangle my hair as much as possible, but that in it of itself is another blog post.

Probably one of my favorite things about this day was that it forced me to relax. I’ve never sat on my butt for so long and done literally nothing , at least I hadn’t in what felt like I really long time. We watched movies that I haven’t seen in years, and laughed about random things, it really ended up being a great experience. It didn’t hurt one bit either, which I was scared it would because I’d seen youtube videos where the women ranted on and on about how they couldn’t sleep for days afterwards and how the braids were too tight. And seeing that final exams were in three days the thought of not being able to sleep on top of the probability of not getting much sleep any way really stressed me out.

I was having so much fun relaxing and thinking of what in the world I would do with my hair afterwards, that I almost forgot to take pictures.

This picture was taken a third of the way through:

photo 1 (1)


We took a break for dinner and when we reconvened, two and a half hours into what I’m thinking is the last part of it all… Jay tells me that we’ve run out of hair. So what she did to make sure it wasn’t obvious that 3/4’s of my hair was braided and the other fourth was not, was braid everything in the front, and leave a little patch in the back.

Once the little bit that we had left was tucked away, it was time to -err…fix the ends? Basically, make sure the ends wouldn’t unravel. Now before this, I’d heard of burning the ends, wasn’t really looking forward to this part, but then, Jay revealed to me that we’d use boiling water.

Yes, boiling water folks.

2014-04-19 19.26.26


So I trusted her of course. As I had for the last 10 hours of my life and hair that day.

And so I dipped my braids in a pot of boiling hot water. The things we do for beauty man. This leads me to a mini rant I’ve had with several people. I truly truly wonder who sits around and discovers these things? What is the thought process behind doing hair in such a way and then saying hmmm, maybe I should dip the ends in hot water? I mean it’s BRILLIANT. But weird. But wonderful, and effective all at the same time.

photo 3 (1)



We decided to meet again on Monday and finish the rest after getting another two packs of hair. But for now, I was left with these beauties, which I was internally freaking out about and didn’t know how I felt about them.

.photo 4

2014-04-19 19.33.35


Monday afternoon, we sat down once again, and finished! It seemed to go by faster, but it was finally done. Again I was running around and forgot to take a picture at that moment. but this was taken two days afterwards.



And I feel like I should mention that I slept perfectly fine! I bought a satin bonnet that drops in the back and so I essentially sleep with my hair down. And it’s been great!


Stay tuned: Identity Project : Part 2A : Living with Braids –The Reactions coming soon!


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